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  • Red Diesel / Gas Oil London – Don’t Over Spend!

    Gas Oil London Tanker

    Red diesel or in other words gas oil, is a fuel that has been dyed red in order to distinguish it from normal diesel you find at petrol stations.

    The main difference and the reason for this blog post is that it carries a greatly reduced tax levy and price. At the date of writing this article, strict rules and regulations over the use of red diesel (gas oil) in London mean that its purchase can often feel like navigating a minefield.

    London Vehicle operatives using Diesel are sometimes unaware of the full suitability criteria for red diesel / gas oil use in London and are often filling their oil tanks with white diesel and therefore overpaying by a considerable amount.

    The primary associations with red diesel (gas oil) is usually when New Era’s clients are using it for agricultural vehicles; tractors, harvesters, as well as works trucks.

    However, the number of vehicles eligible under red diesel regulations is extensive and diverse. The list of not-so-common uses for red diesel / gas oil London includes: boat Fuel, Lawn mower fuel, yard vehicle fuel, forklift truck fuel, mobile crane fuel and digger fuel, and even some road vehicle fuel (providing that they are registered with the DVLA with a Statutory Off Road Notification).

    New Era Fuels London would like to remind our customers that if they own any of these vehicles, they are eligible to save money by purchasing red diesel fuel. Great news, right? It gets better. Customers can pick up supplies of red diesel at all of our depots: Gas Oil Harlow, Gas Oil Stratford and our brand new Gas Oil Gravesend sites.

    If those locations are not easily reached, New Era;s Gas Oil London team offer a host of delivery options: national or local same day, next day and emergency on-site delivery.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

    We can truly can provide any size of order using our 200 litre drums Gas Oil London delivery service or our fleet of road tankers to supply bulk Gas Oil delivery London.

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