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  • Don’t let winter catch you out…

    GasOil this Winter

    As the weather begins to turn and the temperatures start to drop, GasOil London by New Era Fuels are urging businesses that use oil for get themselves prepared for the winter rush and to not be caught out by the bad weather that was experienced by many last winter.

    Managing Director of New Era, Reg Geggus comments:

    “Now is the time when businesses should be starting to think about what their needs are going to be for the winter and should be getting prepared.

    Filling up your tank now would also be a good idea, especially as the price of oil is lower at the moment, when demand is not as high. The increased demand during the winter and especially in the run-up to Christmas, usually means delivery delays, so we are urging people to make sure they don’t get caught out by leaving it too late”.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

    When we had the bad weather last winter, many businesses had to wait for oil supplies as tankers struggled to deliver in the snow.

    In winter, the UK can also experience shortages of gas oil and kerosene at terminals. Demand is obviously governed by the weather and a prolonged cold snap, such as was experienced last winter, means that the terminals are unable to provide product quickly enough and consumers can run out whilst waiting for deliveries as distributors have to go further afield to get supplies.

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