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  • Gas Oil Supplier London – How to Deal With a Tank Leak

    gas oil supplier London

    Our gas oil supplier London team understand how important it is to deal with a tank leak correctly and we would like to share our knowledge on this with our customers.

    The most common reason for a leakage is from wear and tear on the tank itself causing corrosion over time. Leaks can also be caused by the material of your tank wearing thin and eventually cracking or by faulty pipes or gauges.

    The severity of leakages can vary from just a few drops to damaging your local wildlife and environment so it is so important to make sure you avoid leaks or fix them immediately. See below a few tips of how our gas oil supplier London team suggests to deal with a leakage.

    • Try and stop the flow at the main source by switching the tap of.
    • Attempt to absorb the spill using materials such as sand or earth.
    • Immediately contact your Gas Oil supplier London to help you deal with the situation.
    • Call your local environment agency to make them aware of the problem.
    • Finally contact your insurance company.

    We hope this helps you if you ever come across a tank leak, feel free to contact us for any more information regarding the matter.


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