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    heating, keeping
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    customers warm!


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    and industrial
    oil products in
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  • Welcome to New Era London

    New Era has supplied Red Diesel, Gas Oil and Lubricants nationwide for over ninety five years and thanks to our major depot in Stratford (East London) we are now able to offer an extensive service to the capital. – 0844 259 7734

    The landscape of London is permanently changing and being redeveloped. Construction sites are unsurprisingly at the heart of this process, and congestion often makes these sites difficult to access. Our staff and vehicles are also compatible with Crossrail requirements and can easily supply gas oil to any London Crossrail site.

    We operate a fleet of mini tankers that can cater for any size order, and can easily deliver gas oil from our Stratford depot to the streets of London.

    Remember red diesel can be used in off-road untaxed vehicles such as construction equipment and industrial machinery. Without the need for tax and as a low duty form of fuel, it can make economic sense for your business to use red diesel instead of white diesel. New Era Fuels offer excellent service for all users of red diesel which include small volume collections from our 3 depots in and around London, and bulk deliveries throughout London and the surrounding areas.

    Engine Oil London – New Era have also been supplying engine oil to customers in London for over 95 years and therefore understand which automotive oil is best for which vehicle.

    The grade and type of oil will influence your vehicles economy and emissions, so it is essential that you use the correct grade of engine oil.

    At New Era we recommend that you change your engine / automotive oils after 3000 miles, but always listen to your engine and get professional advice if you ever feel that your automotive oil should be changed before you hit 3000 miles.

    Hydraulic Oil London – At New Era we advise and supply lubricants that help your hydraulic reliant commercial and industrial equipment perform to the highest of standards. Our experience allows us to recommend the hydraulic oil needed to protect, lubricate and help transmit power in the most optimal way.

    Remember New Era offers gas oil / red diesel, automotive oils, hydraulic oils, lubricants and kerosene at competitive prices and with our large fleet of tankers we can take on any job – whatever the size – anywhere within the M25.

    To place an order, call us on 0844 259 7734 or fill out the box to the right to sign up for an instant quote.

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